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Album Review: Leehom Wang’s Shangri-la (2004)

王力宏 - 心中的日月

王力宏 – 心中的日月


  1. 開場 Intro
  2. 放開你的心
  3. 心中的日月
  4. 竹林深處
  5. Forever Love
  6. 在那遙遠的地方
  7. 一首簡單的歌
  8. 星座
  9. 過來
  10. 愛錯
  11. Follow Me

1. 開場 Intro
I still haven’t found out what all this means… but you really have to include this to the next track so it really sounds good. Only part I understood was “homeboy music… …long de chuan ren 2000 wei yi, bu ke si yi…” “now here it is… ladies and gentlemen… this is it”
I’m guessing he’s introducing chinked-out music?

2. 放開你的心 [Open Your Heart]
The first ever song I really liked. It wasn’t the first Leehom song I heard though but this song really captured me. Aside from the fact that I really like how he looked in the MV (Was he really 28 then?! He looked like 20!), back during that time I was into Simple Plan so I liked this kind of upbeat song.

3. 心中的日月 [Shangri-la]
The song title that I easily learned how to write since I know all the characters in it! This song has a very smooth flowing melody. Something relaxing that you can feel like you’re in Shangri-la. The MV looks really relaxing as well with most of it having a dreamy look or outside in a vast field.

4. 竹林深處 [Deep in the Bamboo Grove]
This is what chinked-out is supposed to sound like. I like the beats here. The clapping, the drums… not to mention the Chinese flute. Really innovative! I liked the live version as well during his MUSIC-MAN concert tour.

5. Forever Love
Really lovely ballad. His piano based songs are really nice. I prefer this over 唯一 since it seems lighter, happier and a lot more meaningful. Best sung live with piano accompaniment by Leehom himself.

6. 在那遙遠的地方 [In a Far Away Place]
More chinked-out beats… more rapping than singing but it sounds interesting. I wonder what instrument is whistling in the background. The Heroes of Earth concert tour version of this was really good with him playing the erhu live on stage.

7. 一首簡單的歌 [A Simple Song]
Favorite song! I loved it so much that back then I made a fanlisting. I still have the site here but it’s not working anymore. But you’ll still see how I was really into this song. I’m STILL in the process of learning it on the piano. So far I can only play the intro. This song is one of his feel good songs out there. It’s light, flowing (the violins!) and I love the melody. The piano part is lovely.

8. 星座 [Astrology]
Chinked-out again… really upbeat. If you want to memorize the Chinese names of the western zodiac, this is a nice song to remember. I haven’t really memorized it yet though… The clapping, the rap, the guitar inserts… I like it. The MV is cute too… cartoon-y and fun.

9. 過來 [Come]
Upbeat but I never really like this that much… I dunno why… maybe it’s the voice?

10. 愛錯 [Wrong Love]
All those high notes… he’s really good! I love how his vocal range goes from very low like Jacky Cheung low from his old albums… to this high like in this song. Really talented. Oh and the video was cool since Vanness was in it too :)

11. Follow Me
Chinked-out again? I love this song when he sang it live though. I like the beats here. And it seems that the meaning is nice too… like follow his example or something. “La la la la… follow me…”

This is one of my favorite albums since this is what introduced me to the world of Leehom. I loved most of the songs in it. Hope you guys like it too… go chinked-out!

(Originally written: May 28th, 2009)