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JYJ Showcase in Singapore – October 16, 2010

I went to JYJ’s showcase in Singapore last Saturday. It’s my super spontaneous fangirling event ever. The announcement of the showcase have been on the news over a month ago but I didn’t plan on going because Clarissa couldn’t go for the Hong Kong event. Singapore was out of the question because it was a week after the supposed MNET concert that I was supposed to go to. I just didn’t want to travel a week after MNET. So 2 days before the ticket selling of JYJ showcase in SG, it was announced that the MNET concert is postponed and moved by November. I haven’t bought the airline ticket for Bangkok yet so it was ok. My friend from Singapore was online the same time then that’s when I decided to go to Singapura for JYJ.

My friend got me CAT A seats which were ok .We decided to cue in line around 7:30. The event was delayed. It was supposed to start around 8pm but we were still outside. We got inside around 8:30. The show started 9pm.
They sang all the songs from The Beginning album except the solo songs per members.
Junsu introduced himself in Korean then Jaejoong was adorable introducing himself. He said “how are u doing? I’m JJ” and of course, Yoochun was ALL english during the interview part. There were times when Jaejoong was so lost that he didn’t realize that he was the one who was supposed to answer the question. I couldn’t remember all questions though. But Jaejoong was asked about the album then he answered something like, he couldn’t believe that kanye west would produce their album till he met him. And then they were asked about their ideal girl. Junsu said nothing in particular in terms of the physical aspect just that when he sees he girl, he’ll have THAT feeling. hahaha! or according to junsu, ‘peelin!’. Then Jaejoong took a long time answering. Seriously! There was a super long pause before he answered! then he answered a “girl” with beautiful hands. Then I think Yoochun who said he wants anyone who wants him too LOL

I dont have fancams on the actual event because cameras were not allowed so I just left my camera at my friend’s home. Apparently, the organizers didn’t allow the fans to stand up and party during the event. I think it’s because of the consideration to the fans at the back. If the fans in front stood up, then the fans at like CAT B and C wouldn’t be able to see anything. The fans were allowed to ‘party’ at the end though. I was one of those who ran in front to party with jaechunsu for the finale. Jaejoong was hot as usual. It’s just funny coz he was wearing a jacket but u can see him trying to lift it coz it was super hot! I was in shorts but it still felt hot. Imagine how jaejoong felt while wearing a jacket!

When the showcase ended, we bought the CD. A poster was included but we were still in for the raffle to get the autographed poster. None of us were able to win the poster though. I bet there was only 1 colored ball in that box! because in order to get the autographed poster, you have to get a colored ball from the box.