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MNET Live Concert in Bangkok – November 16, 2010

The concert started around 6:30. It started with Beast. I don’t really know their songs except for Shock and Mystery so I pretty much was not aware of what songs they sang. There was a song when Kikwang and Hyun Seung  were at the middle where I was. Doojoon went to my side, stood in front of me and GRABBED MY HAND. Now everyone around me was pushing so they can see Doojoon closer then he went back. It’s actually my first time to see Beast except for Doojoon because I didn’t bother going to their fansign and concert here in Manila.Next was 4Minute. I must admit, I do love their songs and Jiyeon will always be my favorite 4Minute girl eversince I met her back in Manila.  Since I love their songs, I was dancing all the way while they were performing. Hyunah was hotter back in Manila when she had blonde hair though compared to her dark hair in the concert.

Next was my favorite girl group, Wonder Girls. They started singing  I actually applaud the Wonderfuls because you can really feel their entire presence at the venue. The girls sang So Hot, Irony, 이 바보 (This Fool), Nobody, This Time, Bad Boy, and 2 Different Tears (english version). For the song “This Time”, Yeun picked the girl beside me to go on stage. She grabbed her hand then the security tried to pull her up, but she gave up because the security couldn’t really pull her up then she told Yeun to just pick a different fan. Yeun was like pouting and then she just went to the other side. The girls took fans to sing with them on stage for that song and then meet everyone backstage! My favorite Wondergirls performance is the rock version of 2 Different Tears.Last but not the least was 2PM.  I didn’t have any fancams for this unlike the fanmeet because as I was almost sticking to the stage, I was afraid I might suddenly let go of my phone once the pushing starts. They sang I’ll be back, I can’t, Risking my life, Only you, Angel, 10 points out of 10, Don’t stop can’t stop, Without U, Gimme the Light, Tired of Waiting, I hate you, Again & Again, and Heartbeat. For DSCS, I’ll Be Back, Again and Again, and Heartbeat, they performed it on the front stage. For Tired of Waiting, they performed it at the front stage too while sitting down.Highlight of my night is when 2PM performed Only You.  2PM grabbed these baskets at the side of the stage and it was filled up with roses and heart marshmallow lollipops. While singing Only You, the boys were running around giving away the roses and heart lollipops to the fans. I wanted Taecyeon to go to my side of course and give me a rose or a lollipop. Taec went to the middle walkway where I was but he was facing the other side and gave away the roses and lollipops there. And then, I didn’t really notice at first that Chansung was the one on my area because I was looking at Taec who had his back on me! Then Chansung stopped in front of me and then CHANSUNG GAVE ME HIS HEART LOLLIPOP MARSHMALLOW :)  I was actually with a bunch of Chansung fans and all of them were holding a Chansung lightstick and wore Purple ribbons-apparently purple ribbons is considered as a Chansung fan trademark.

After Only You, the boys performed Angel .Then they sang Tired of Waiting and I Can’t..After that, they went backstage to change into white suits. They sang Gimme The Light. Their finale was Heartbeat then had a special dance ending for it.
The concert ended around 10pm. They had the after party near the venue then Beast and 2PM left for their 1am flight. Khun and Chansung was left though because the had to shoot for some show.

2PM Hanami Fanmeeting – Bangkok, Thailand November 13, 2010

The Hanami fanmeeting was originally scheduled last October but it was moved last November 13. My Thai friend initially got me a left side (A) ticket. I wanted a left side ticket because I know it’s usually Taec’s side. But then the when they moved the date, they changed the venue too. Then our ticket became B which is left side.We arrived around 9:30-10am at the venue. We were aware that the “registration” started at like 8:30 am. But since my friend has been following other kpop artists around Bangkok, she knows that we didn’t need to cue really early and it will start late. I met Khun’s mom and youngest sister Cherlyn when I was in line. They cut through me in line because they had to go to the VIP area. They were really nice though. The fanmeet was supposed to start at 10:30am but it started around 11:30am. Which was cool because my Thai friend and I were still outside at around 10:30.The boys sang I’ll be back as the intro. It was my first time to see the boys. I normally don’t scream as much when fangirling but this time, it’s just different. I was surprised coz it turned out I was on the right side. It was Taec’s side. Obviously I’m a Taecyeon fan so I wanted to be on his side! haha! My friend was the one taking fancams because if I were the one to do it, then I can’t concentrate on just watching and enjoying the even.

PhotobucketDuring the talks, my thai friend translated for me. There was a part when the host said that the 2PM boys likes noona fans but most of the fans there were younger than them.The boys sang Again and Again. I was near the middle of the stage and was anticipating for Taec’s solo rap for that song. When he was about to do his part, he ran somewhere which I don’t know where, then my friend dragged me to the side but turns out it was Junsu. Then the boys sang Only You. They were playing with the huge balls that were outside the venue before the fanmeet started. The huge balls were all covered with fan’s messages to them. It was being bounced around the venue while they were singing Only You. Taec was really playful! He was telling the fans to bring the ball to him. Since the ball was huge, he got bumped by 2 balls then he made this gesture like he was tumbling back because the ball hit him.

Then there were games. The boys picked out the numbers of those lucky fans who can play with them. It was only the fans who played the Newspaper Dance while the boys were sitting down watching. Then after the fans, it was the boy’s turn to play the Newspaper Dance. It was Chansung, Junsu and Junho on the first team then Taec, Khun and Wooyoung on the second team. I couldn’t see Chansung’s team playing but Taec’s team was on my side. It was Khun who folded the paper. It took 3 rounds before Taec, Khun and Wooyoung lost the game. Taec was carrying Khun Wooyoung but he just couldn’t carry them that long so Taec lost his balance. Chansung, Junho and Junsu won. The fans’ prizes were 2PM hanami standees.Next game was they had to pass around the hanami pack while the song is playing then when the song stops, whoever has the hanami pack is out of the game.

PhotobucketThe boys were even dancing while the hanami pack was with them. The first one to be out was Wooyoung. Then Taec just because he was dancing too long so the song stopped while the hanami pack was still with him. A fan lost the game, then Junho and Khun.Then there was a new set of lucky fans. They were to have a dance showdown with 2PM. So each member had a fan partner. Junho, Wooyoung and Junsu’s dance were “safe”. Taec did a body wave with the fan. Chansung’s dance was safe till he did a body wave with the fan too! Khun’s dance was more of like wiggling his behind. Khun and his fan partner won.

Thai HOTTESTS prepared a video  for them for their 2nd anniversary. The Thai fans were also singing for them a thai song about love. Wooyoung was crying while he was watching the video. Then some fans brought them cake and they blew the candle on stage. At the end of the fanmeeting, there were full of hanami scattered all over the floor! Seems like fans were fighting for the Hanami packs that the boys were throwing so while holding on to the packs, it busted coz of grabbing on to it too tight.


How Taec would react if he eats Hanami

Paper Dance Game Part1

Paper Dance Game when Taec, Khun, and Wooyoung lost the game

2PM Dancing with a Fan

Only You perf playing with balls