Simple Plan – Get Your Heart On! Concert Tour in Manila

It’s been a week since that fateful day…

Ever since it was announced last year that Simple Plan was going to have a concert here on January, I’ve been wanting to go. The only problem was who to go with and what area. I’ve never had a favorite in the band so I didn’t feel the need to get patron/VIP seats. I had friends that were interested but we never got to finalize our plans.

A few days before the concert, one of those friends told me that there’s a local celebrity giving away tickets if you make a photo montage of said celebrity. Told her, no way! I’ll just skip the concert and forget about it. So a day after, she told me she won tickets to the concert. I was really happy for her since she hasn’t seen them yet. I told her it was her time now since back in 2005 I was the one who won tickets.

Day of the Concert:
So I went to work at my usual time. I expected to have some OT since we still had to make up time for the party we had on Monday (anyone want photos?) It was only around lunch time that I realized, I REALLY WANT TO GO WATCH THEM. I had my Simple Plan playlist on loop for the whole afternoon. By now, my other friend who I tried to invite to join us wanted to go as well. We were thinking which section to choose, at the same time I was waiting for friend #1 on where here free ticket will be.

After hours of waiting and deciding, friend #2 called. “I got free tickets! We can go watch now!” At that time, we weren’t sure where the seats were so I waited for her to confirm. After a few minutes she called back and told me the best news for 2012. “Patron seats!!!” I was shocked. I was there thinking of buying a ticket for Upper Box A if friend #1 got tickets there. And now I get Patron VIP seats for free. I wouldn’t let it pass of course. I asked if I could leave early (and work on that OT the next day) and rushed off to Cubao. What a rush!

I got there and discovered our seats were at the 3rd row! It’s so near! Too bad I didn’t have any camera with me. As you can see, I don’t have better photos since it’s all unexpected and I only had my trusty Zee and my 3DS at that time. But here’s the twist, I got 3D photos that would make you feel like you’re there.

If you’ve got a 3DS or a 3D smart phone, you can check out the links below from your browser. I uploaded it in my domain root so it would be easy to type in for the 3DS. If you’re already viewing this site, just click on the thumbnail and it will direct you to the .mpo file. (URL format would be

3D photos

It’s always fun if you got seats in front. It’s even more fun if the band interacts with the audience a lot. I’ve only been to a few concerts and so far they’ve been the most interactive band I’ve seen perform. It’s probably mostly because there’s no language barrier compared to the Chinese/Korean concerts I’ve been to. And the band’s really awesome and made the experience special.

A few notable songs have been Astronaut, Summer Paradise, Thank You and Perfect.
Astronaut – they asked us to wave our light sticks or our phones to simulate stars. Friend #1 says it really looks nice from the back *__*
Summer Paradise – They haven’t been to a beach in the Philippines yet! D:
Thank You – In the middle of the song, Pierre started asking us to sing the “Thank you” part but say “Salamat” instead. I loved how they made the song more local and appropriate.
Perfect – It started off with Pierre on acoustic guitar. This really felt special. Then then transitioned to include the whole band.

I never got to memorize their setlist so just check it here.

The show ended with a happy yet sad note… I caught one of the bottles that Jeff threw and my friend got a towel as well. Too bad she lost David’s pick :(

Thank you Pierre, David, Jeff, Seb and Chuck for that AWESOME night!

Update: Whoops… Fixed the links for the 3D photos. I got them wrong the first time.

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  1. Dee

    Super unforgettable experience!! I can say also that that was one of the best concerts that I’ve watched!! THANK YOU SIMPLE PLAN!! Nice blog Cla!!


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