Jokwon interview for ‘Im Da One’

This is a joint entry with www.Cho-kyuhyun .com. We were given a chance by MCA Music Philippines to participate in Jo-Kwon’s live video-conference last July 19 to unveil his upcoming solo album “I’m Da One” . This is his first solo album after he went through 8 years of training and 4 years as the leader of the popular ballad group 2AM. As Jo Kwon mentioned, his debut song “I’m Da One” is a reflection of him who likes having fun and experimenting a lot of things.

A particular song in his debut album caught our staff’s attention which is “Wingardium Leviosa”. It was intriguing because it seemed like a Harry Potter inspired song. We asked Jo Kwon what is is about in which he replied…
“This song is an incredibly fun song and the title as you know is inspired by Harry Potter’s charm ‘WingardiumLeviosa’ and I’m such a huge fan of Harry Potter .You can also say that I grew up watching it. In charm it’s like when I show up in the club and say these words then it can lift the mood and athmosphere of the club in an instant like magic and we came up with a very fun korean rhyme to the title so it’s a very good song to play in the club”

Be sure to catch Jo Kwon’s solo album I’m Da One to be released this August 2012 by MCA Music

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