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王力宏 MUSIC-MAN II 火力全開 Concert Tour Hong Kong

Last September 15 and 16, I was lucky enough to get to watch my one and only Leehom Wang live in Hong Kong. It was a last minute decision to go since I was just fresh from our France trip last July when the ticket sales started. This trip marked my second time to go to Hong Kong, as well as watch a live Leehom concert. Aside from going to the concert, my friends and I went around and even stopped by Macau for a day trip (which I will probably feature next month).

OMG It’s Jackie Chan!

This was a really fun experience since my friends and I grew from a group of three in 2008 in Taipei to five in 2012 in Hong Kong. Leehom must have been surprised that we were finally able to be there and watch him live. I also had a chance to see him do his pre-concert prayer before the final night’s performance. No photos of him for that one to respect the management’s wishes. Aside from Leehom, I was also able to capture Jackie Chan with my camera.

Enough talk.. let’s get on with the photos.

I’ve posted the September 15 set under OurHome Philippines here. Head on over there if you’d like to see the shots by an amazing point and shoot camera.

And here’s the set for September 16, please enjoy the 385 photos by my beloved D5000 and 55-300mm :)

Download zips: 01 02

Album Review: Leehom Wang’s The 18 Martial Arts (2010)

王力宏 - 十八般武藝

王力宏 – 十八般武藝


  1. Dragon Dance
  2. 杜 U ♥ Me
  3. 十八般武藝
  4. 你不知道的事
  5. 伯牙絕弦
  6. 柴米油鹽醬醋茶
  7. 需要人陪
  8. 天涯海角
  9. 你不知道的事(宋曉青 版本)
  10. 自己人

1. Dragon Dance
Not exactly what I had imagined a “dragon dance” would sound like. But this is one of the longest album intro I’ve heard so far. Most of it were excerpts of his latest movie, Love in Disguise. As for the actual lyrics part, he’s introducing his new Wushu of Music that’s fresh to our eyes and ears and remind ’em why ’til the end he don’t quit. Great way to start another volume of his Chinked-out style.

2. 杜 U ♥ Me [Do You Love Me]
The melody starts of similarly as with several k-pop releases lately. This song is also part of his movie. 杜 was used as a play on words as this was the last name of his character, Du Ming Han, and also used as “do” in this song. He’s asking the female protagonist if she loves him. Very catchy yet too repetitive. It’s not his common style either so this is one of his new sounds as he mentioned in Dragon Dance.

3. 十八般武藝 [The 18 Martial Arts]
This song now starts with the Chinked-out style as traditional instruments were used for the intro. He’s saying he’s been away but now he’s back with more. Yes, this is CHINKED-OUT symphony, sent out to the entire world and I hope it does reach new ears this time around. Here’s to hoping people around the world will recognize the 十八般武藝 (idiom: versatility) of Leehom.

4. 你不知道的事 [All The Things You Never Knew]
Another song from the movie, this is the main ballad in the album. The piano melody is what you can always expect from Leehom’s ballads. Along with his powerful emotional vocals, this is the main ballad in the album.

5. 伯牙絕弦 [BoYa Cuts The Strings]
This song is based on a story about BoYa, a man who played a guqin. I had an opportunity to try and translate this song with a friend and I think the lyrics by Mayday’s Ashin and 831’s Ah Pu is just plain genius. They got to incorporate the story and the visuals well into the song. Part of the message says that knowing someone is to know someone’s music. The guzheng instrumental at the end still gives me goosebumps whenever I hear it.

6. 柴米油鹽醬醋茶 [Firewood, Rice, Oil, Salt, Soy Sauce, Vinegar, Tea]
The first single off the album. This simple song, along with simple lyrics, written by Vivian Hsu, demonstrated well, the artist’s desire for a simple and normal life. He used the idiom 柴米油鹽醬醋茶, the seven things you need to have each morning (to open the door), which is basically just having the essentials for living. This is one easy song for KTV. :)

7. [Beauty]
Warning: this song is extremely repetitive. But once you’ve seen the lyrics, you’ll realize that the repetitive “mei” is three different characters. 美 – beauty/beautiful, 媚 – charming, and 妹 – little sister. As with the earlier songs, he used a bit of ancient Chinese legends, The Four Beauties, of which two were mentioned in the song as an example of the beauty he was describing.

8. 需要人陪 [Need Someone By Your Side]
Another emotional ballad with a piano melody. Just by listening to his voice, you’ll know this is such a sad and lonely song. At his age, he might be starting to think that he’ll need to settle down soon so he feels the need to have someone just by his side. (Not too far off with track 6, about wanting a normal life)

9. 天涯海角 [Ends Of The Earth]
From the melody and vocals, this seems a little more hopeful. From being alone, now he has someone he wanted to be with that he’ll travel the Ends Of The Earth for them to be together. I found this song a little more sweet and lighter the the other ballads.

10. 你不知道的事(宋曉青 版本) [All The Things You Never Knew (Song Xiao Qing Version)]
A shorter version of the original song. It sounds more raw and unplugged which makes it sound more emotional. I prefer something as plain/unedited as this song over the more played original.

11. 自己人 [One Of Us]
Leehom ends his album with a special message with the help of some kids from Sierra Leone. Singing glory alleluia amen… African beats add a twist to his usual Chinked-out along with a little violin melody in the background. It makes the song more internationally tuned.

Before the album came out, I was actually expecting a more acoustic album but I wasn’t disappointed in knowing that most of the songs were more upbeat that I’ve expected. He came back with a new style of Chinked-out that’s truly new and refreshing even for long-time fans. As I had an opportunity to translate a few songs with a friend, I’ve discovered a new side of his music, lyrics and more of the legends of ancient China. His dream of having people more exposed to Chinese culture with his music will be easy to realize with this latest album that shows his versatility in the arts.

Album Review: Leehom Wang’s Heart.Beat (2008)

王力宏 - 心.跳

王力宏 – 心.跳


  1. 愛得 得體
  2. 心.跳
  3. 春雨裡洗過的太陽
  4. Everything
  5. 我完全沒有任何理由理你
  6. 另一個天堂
  7. 玩偶
  8. 腳本
  9. 競爭對手
  10. 搖滾怎麼了!

1. 愛得 得體 [Dirty Love]
The song is pretty catchy. We’ve heard of this before but with English lyrics “shake your booty on the dance floor…” with Leehom singing lying on the ground while he was in his apartment. Kind of disappointed when he sang it during the concert with Chinese lyrics. But it was really catchy. 得體還是Dirty? (Proper/Appropriate or Dirty?) It’s leaning on to dirty.

2. 心.跳 [Heart.Beat]
The title track. As with all of Leehom’s ballads, you can hear all his emotions while he sings the song. It feels a bit heavy. I love the guitar solo for this one. You can feel the beat (music) in his heart from this one.

3. 春雨裡洗過的太陽 [Sun After the Spring Rain]
*whistles* This song is very sunny (thus the sun in the title) and light. It’s a nice companion while strolling along or just walking in the office hallway. Makes you want to just walk with a little hop in each step. Whenever I feel down, I listen to this and it makes life a whole lot sweeter.

4. Everything
♫’cause you’re my everything…♫ I have to admit I’ve melted to this song several times when I watched him sing this song twice during the rehearsal for HKPO. Ever since September 20, I’ve loved this song. I just have to remember how sad it really means so I can get back to reality. Leehom’s powerful ballads have been his forte ever since, and he didn’t fail with this one.

5. 我完全沒有任何理由理你 [I Have No Reason to Care About You]
I found this song amusing although it didn’t stick much when he performed it during the MUSIC-MAN concert. I thought it had an interesting beat though. Again, the guitar solo is great. I’m loving guitar solos more now. If you just want to shout out and rant, this is a nice song to shout along with 😉 完全沒有! (Absolutely none!) *yawn* What’s next?

6. 另一個天堂 [Another Heaven]
Another ballad… and a lovely duet. Jane has an amazing voice and combined with Leehom’s, it definitely sounds heavenly (pun intended) I was surprised when they said the “whistling” was actually Jane’s voice. I forgot what they called it but wow… really amazing.

7. 玩偶 [Puppet]
♫wan ouuuu…♫ Another song you can shout along with. At first I thought this was some sort of happy-go-lucky song, then I found the translation and I was so wrong. It’s another hate/breakup song that actually sounds happy. Weird but I love it. Very upbeat, my type of music. Guitar solo is so upbeat that it had been my wake up alarm tone.

8. 腳本 [Script]
What can I say? It’s another one of his emotion-filled ballads. I love how the sound of his voice just flows along with the instrumentals.

9. 競爭對手 [Rival]
♫wo de bao bei… bao bei…♫ I don’t know how to describe the style of this song but it’s interesting. It’s somewhat a mix of rock, a little bit of RnB, maybe with a pinch of jazz? I don’t know but somehow he made it work.

10. 搖滾怎麼了!! [What’s up Rock!!]
♫What’s wrong with me!! wro-o-ong with me…♫ Whenever I hear this song, I get transported back in time, late afternoon of September 19 outside the Taipei Arena. We hung out around that area from 12nn until they opened the gates. All that time, it was the only song they were playing on loop. I loved the sound of the pipa during it’s solo part. It’s amazing how he combined rock with a traditional Chinese instrument.

Overall, I love the new album. I can listen to it on loop all day long without skipping a song. Most of the songs are heartbreak songs, probably based on his personal experience. This is truly the sound of his heart beat. 😉

(Originally written: March 19th, 2009)

Album Review: Leehom Wang’s Shangri-la (2004)

王力宏 - 心中的日月

王力宏 – 心中的日月


  1. 開場 Intro
  2. 放開你的心
  3. 心中的日月
  4. 竹林深處
  5. Forever Love
  6. 在那遙遠的地方
  7. 一首簡單的歌
  8. 星座
  9. 過來
  10. 愛錯
  11. Follow Me

1. 開場 Intro
I still haven’t found out what all this means… but you really have to include this to the next track so it really sounds good. Only part I understood was “homeboy music… …long de chuan ren 2000 wei yi, bu ke si yi…” “now here it is… ladies and gentlemen… this is it”
I’m guessing he’s introducing chinked-out music?

2. 放開你的心 [Open Your Heart]
The first ever song I really liked. It wasn’t the first Leehom song I heard though but this song really captured me. Aside from the fact that I really like how he looked in the MV (Was he really 28 then?! He looked like 20!), back during that time I was into Simple Plan so I liked this kind of upbeat song.

3. 心中的日月 [Shangri-la]
The song title that I easily learned how to write since I know all the characters in it! This song has a very smooth flowing melody. Something relaxing that you can feel like you’re in Shangri-la. The MV looks really relaxing as well with most of it having a dreamy look or outside in a vast field.

4. 竹林深處 [Deep in the Bamboo Grove]
This is what chinked-out is supposed to sound like. I like the beats here. The clapping, the drums… not to mention the Chinese flute. Really innovative! I liked the live version as well during his MUSIC-MAN concert tour.

5. Forever Love
Really lovely ballad. His piano based songs are really nice. I prefer this over 唯一 since it seems lighter, happier and a lot more meaningful. Best sung live with piano accompaniment by Leehom himself.

6. 在那遙遠的地方 [In a Far Away Place]
More chinked-out beats… more rapping than singing but it sounds interesting. I wonder what instrument is whistling in the background. The Heroes of Earth concert tour version of this was really good with him playing the erhu live on stage.

7. 一首簡單的歌 [A Simple Song]
Favorite song! I loved it so much that back then I made a fanlisting. I still have the site here but it’s not working anymore. But you’ll still see how I was really into this song. I’m STILL in the process of learning it on the piano. So far I can only play the intro. This song is one of his feel good songs out there. It’s light, flowing (the violins!) and I love the melody. The piano part is lovely.

8. 星座 [Astrology]
Chinked-out again… really upbeat. If you want to memorize the Chinese names of the western zodiac, this is a nice song to remember. I haven’t really memorized it yet though… The clapping, the rap, the guitar inserts… I like it. The MV is cute too… cartoon-y and fun.

9. 過來 [Come]
Upbeat but I never really like this that much… I dunno why… maybe it’s the voice?

10. 愛錯 [Wrong Love]
All those high notes… he’s really good! I love how his vocal range goes from very low like Jacky Cheung low from his old albums… to this high like in this song. Really talented. Oh and the video was cool since Vanness was in it too :)

11. Follow Me
Chinked-out again? I love this song when he sang it live though. I like the beats here. And it seems that the meaning is nice too… like follow his example or something. “La la la la… follow me…”

This is one of my favorite albums since this is what introduced me to the world of Leehom. I loved most of the songs in it. Hope you guys like it too… go chinked-out!

(Originally written: May 28th, 2009)