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Wong Fu Productions Live in Manila

It was early February when they announced that Wong Fu Productions was going to add a stop to Manila. The day after, my friends and I got tickets for the event.

March 1 came and despite all the hiccups that happened that day (we had a lot planned and nothing went right), it was time to see them. We arrived at the Music Museum about 30 mins before the event. It was just enough time to buy some merchandise (AWKWARD TURTLE!!!) and find our seats.

The view from our seats

The seats we got were at the second and third row. I knew it was close but I didn’t realize it was too close until we got there. We settled in and prepared our cameras. It was nice since the seats have this small table much like those on the kneelers at church. I placed my extra lens there in case I decide to switch (18-55mm and 55-300mm on the camera). The photo at the right shows approximately how far we were. On the stage were two chairs and two mic stands. It looked like it was going to be a really simple show.

The house lights went out and the stage lights turned on and two-thirds of Wong Fu Productions came out on stage. Almost everyone was screaming when they came out. They introduced themselves and talked about how they started in college. Phil did most of the talking with Wes occasionally adding his thoughts.

They showed a few of their videos (Kung Fooled, Shell, 1 Millionth Subscriber) then after that, they talked about how they came about to making them. They also showed David Choi’s MV (we were really disappointed they didn’t show Leehom’s MV) and one of their latest works that they haven’t really finished editing yet.

They discussed about working on different projects at different levels. They even used an analogy to public transportation in terms of their type of shoots. For example, they compared Shell as being a “tricycle” shoot. The other one they also used was “jeepney”. Here’s a couple of animated gifs of funny Phil showing his “Jeepney” action and his role on “Tricycle” shoots.

(Click to enlarge)

After showing their clips and discussing them, they opened the floor to a few questions. They were asked to speak a little Mandarin and Cantonese. Some also asked a few more questions regarding their work and careers. Overall, it was an inspirational event especially for those thinking of a career in art.

We hated it to end but it had to since the Meet and Greet was finally going to start. We still had to wait for them to come out at the lobby and start. The line was also a bit long but eventually we were next. We didn’t know that they don’t allow people to have a solo photo with the guys if you had friends with you. I think it’s just unfair that they didn’t give us a choice of going together or separately. We did pay the same ticket price per person so why couldn’t we take the full worth of our ticket by taking a solo photo with them. After “arguing” with the lady there (and Phil starting to approach us and looking worried) we ended up going together. Got hugs then we took a photo together and got our autographs. We told them that we were big fans of Leehom and they thanked us for supporting them. I told them it was sad they didn’t show Leehom’s MV instead and they said they were actually deciding on what to show for the day. Too bad they didn’t pick Leehom. We said our thanks and left.

Such a big group photo :(

It was an awesome night. Thanks to my friends who spent it with me. A big thank you to Wes and Phil as well for being so nice.

Here are the photos I took during the event. Enjoy!
Download the zip file here (~50mb).

I met Wong Fu!